You’re Trying to Change, so Why Aren’t You Making Any Progress?

As a pastor, I talk to people all the time who are frustrated with where they are spiritually. They want to be “better.” They desire to grow more like Christ. But they just aren’t getting anywhere.

They’re trying to address it, and many times even good things. They’re reading their Bible. They’re going to church every weekend. They’re even in a small group. But still, they’re not seeing any transformation. So what’s going on?

What they’re really saying is they’re not being transformed. That the power of God isn’t evident in their everyday life.

Does that sound like you? If so, read the rest of my article at Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

Your Personality Test is Not a License to Be a Jerk

For the Christian, personality tests like this can be useful for helping us understand and embrace God’s unique activity alive and well in each one of us. They can help us understand how He specifically knit us together to the end that we might discover how to make the most of our personality and gifts for the sake of the gospel and the local church. It’s through tools like this that we can embrace the fact that we are “have been remarkably and wondrously made” (Ps. 119:14).

Unfortunately, though, personality tests can go very wrong in one simple way:

Your personality test is not a license to be a jerk.