A collection of articles I’ve written around the web.


Relevant Magazine

What to Do When Work Becomes an Idol

What Shortening Attention Spans Mean for the Church: tl;dr culture and growing spirituality

Facebook Can’t Replace Church: Regardless of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for it

How ‘Simplifying Your Life’ Can be a Problem: The downside of downsizing

Ekstasis Magazine

The Dilemma of Christian Marketing

Prison Fellowship

What Christians Think About Prison Conditions and Caring for Prisoners 

The Church of Acts OKC Brings the Church to Prisoners: How a Church of ‘Liars, Dreamers, and Misfits’ Is Welcoming and Healing Prisoners and Returning Citizens

Why Religious Liberty Matters

What’s It Like to Advocate for Justice Reform?

A Community of Transformation: How Prisons Can Become Places Where People Change for the Better

This Christmas, Give a Gift That Keeps Giving All Year Round

Kids, You’re Not in This Alone: Photographer Captures Childhood with a Parent in Prison

Why Prison Fellowship is Equipping Pastors to Restore Those Affected by Crime and Incarceration

Building a Better Criminal Justice System in Alabama

Back to Basics: Equipping Prisoners to Take Responsibility

Most Prisoners are Barred from Higher Education. Here’s Why That’s a Problem

Prison Fellowship and Celebrate Recovery Working to Curb Overdose

Hillsong NYC and Prison Fellowship Partner to Introduce Prisoners to Jesus

How Alpha Led a Wiccan Prisoner to Truth

Prison Fellowship Celebrates Texas Occupational Licensing Law Reforms

Repairing Relationships: How Angel Tree Comforted a Hurting Family

Doing Time as a Family: Why Prison Fellowship Ministers to Angel Tree Families

Hope Delivered: How Angel Tree Has Been a Light in Trisha’s Darkness

5 Tips for Colleges Welcoming Returning Citizens

What One Dad Learned by Facing Tragedy

When Mom Goes to Prison

A Life-Changing Experience: When the Hope of Easter Comes to Three California Prisons

Riding for Second Chances

6 Lessons for Employers Considering Hiring Former Prisoners: An Inside Look at One Company Building a Culture of Second Chances

Second Chances at Work: How One Company Built a Work Culture of Second Chances

Starting Over After Abuse: Through hard-fought second chances, Mia left violence and prison behind to begin a new life

Pastor, Church Planter, and Advocate: Former Prisoner Speaks Out for Justice That Restores

Seizing Second Chances: How Alex Denning is defying collateral consequences to seize his second chance

The History of the Prison Fellowship Academy

‘It’s About the One’: Why Jeff and Audrey Fay Keep Going Behind Bars

Inside Virginia’s First Prison Fellowship Academy Graduation

Eye on the Prize: How Dawn Found Strength and a New Identity in Jesus

Not Just a Christmas Tradition: How You Can Minister to Children with Incarcerated Parents

From Enlisted to Incarcerated: Why Some Veterans End Up Behind Bars

An Unforgettable Story of One Judge’s Compassion for an Embattled Veteran

The Good Kind of Fear

EDWINS and Brandon Chrostowski are Serving Up Second Chances

Breaking Bad and Making Good

How Books Are Helping Incarcerated Dads Start a New Chapter with Their Kids

A Mom to Prisoners: 72-Year-Old Makes a Difference in Texas Prisons

Four Ways Incarcerated Fathers Can Help with Their Children’s Education

Angel Tree Helps Moms Build Bridges

From Manslaughter to Mentor: How Brandy Found Purpose After Prison

The Civil Rights Leader Who Sounded the Call for Prison Ministry

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Are You Called to Write?

Writing with Precision

Declutter Your Writing

How to Warm Readers’ Hearts

Does Your Writing Have These Two Things?

Finding Hope When Life is Falling Apart

Silence: The Safest Way to God

What the Wise Men Teach Us About How We Read the Bible

Adorn Yourself with the Peace that Passes Understanding

The Hazardous Work of Discipleship

How to Put Out a Dumpster Fire

Pastor, Here’s How to be Built to Last

A Recipe for Gospel-Centered Prayer

The Missing Component in Most Discipleship Strategies

The Essence of a Gospel-Soaked, Faithful Teacher

Are You Ashamed of the Gospel?

Say No to Yourself So You Can Say Yes to Jesus

Start Planning Your Own Funeral

Do You Take the Great Commission Personally?

Taste and See that the Bible is True

A Long Obedience in an Instagram Age

Why You Don’t Read Your Bible (and How to Start)

4 Questions and Answers to Understand God’s Calling

Use Your Affluence for Influence

Why You’re Not Being Transformed

A Better Way to Find Leaders in the Church

International Mission Board (IMB)

Fighting the Fallen Leader Epidemic: A Better Way to Find Leaders

Unlocking the Bible

A Quiet Life Speaks for Christ

Don’t Look Now: Taking Control of Your Eyes


As part of my work with Prison Fellowship, I help write op-eds for news outlets around the country.

Drug laws are broken, but lawmakers have the power to fix them (Fox News)

It’s time to fix Alabama’s prison problems

Leveraging my checkered past to improve Michigan’s future

National analyst: Since Louisiana’s justice reforms, violent crime is down

Why the number of young people in prison has dropped dramatically

Incarcerated Fathers: Out of Sight, Out of Mind—But Not Out of Hope

North Dakota should stay the course on prison reform

Minnesota’s legal system has a Catch-22: Probation that just won’t end

Out of prison, but still locked out. Texas needs second chances

Former GOP Speaker: Raise age for criminal prosecution

Local View: Prison reform bill needs passage

Oklahoma needs restorative system for women in prison

Let’s Unlock Second Chances in Alabama

How South Carolina can give convicts a second chance

Family Forum’s Gene Mills working for justice reform

Blog Posts and Articles

Note: I’m not listed as the author of these articles. 

Recognition Accelerates Prison Fellowship’s Social Impact

Despite the distance: Helping grandparents and grandchildren stay connected

Divorce proof: Helping young couples win at marriage

Inspiring and involving grandparents who lack purpose

How to help millennials choose a career

The Upstream Collective

Do You Take the Great Commission Personally? — The Upstream Collective Blog (this was re-run at Sojourn International.)