As soon as you start thinking through meeting regularly with other people or families to share life with one another, meeting with a DNA group, and living on mission, all while caring for your own family, you start to get overwhelmed.

How am I going to find the time to do all of this? I can’t get everything in now! you tell yourself.

There are ways to do it all, but it means changing how you think about your schedule as it relates to church.

How to live in community with a busy schedule

When we talk about living in community or doing life with your community group, here’s what we’re talking about:

  • Meeting regularly for meals
  • Meeting for Bible study and accountability
  • Meeting as missionaries
  • Serving in your neighborhood

The problem many people make is assuming you should be pulling all this off every week, or even that there’s a set schedule in which all of this should be taking place. We can get so caught up in making events the center of our spiritual life that we miss how Jesus wants to transform all of our lives.

The goal is to stop seeing your relationship to the church based on events, and instead to start seeing it as part of your everyday life. To stop compartmentalizing your spiritual life and looking at church as just another thing on your schedule.

In order to get there, it’s helpful to think through about your schedule in terms of a monthly rhythm.

A monthly rhythm

At a minimum, here’s what I would suggest for a typical community group:

  • Meeting weekly to worship on the weekends
  • Meeting weekly for men’s and women’s Bible study and accountability (these are usually referred to as DNA, discipleship, or growth groups)
  • Meeting every other week or monthly for sharing a meal (groups with children will most likely want to do this less often, while younger people may want to meet more often)
  • Meeting as missionaries every other week somewhere in your mission field, community, or neighborhood
  • Meeting monthly to serve in your mission field, community, or neighborhood

Every group will have its own rhythms and seasons, and that’s okay. Feel free to have your group reflect that.

The real question isn’t, “What things does my group need to be doing?” but, “How can we best live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandments (love God, love each other, love the world)?”

If your group’s rhythms aren’t fostering obedience to Jesus’ commands and aren’t making room for loving one another and your neighbors, then it’s time to rethink things.

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