Daily Links (December 9)

Finding rest in a restless world

We settle for less than we’re made for. We settle for less than Jesus paid for. We refuse to stop. We refuse God’s rest. We aren’t meant to live this way. It’s a compulsive, subhuman life.

Growth in personal holiness is largely determined by our progress in self-discipline

I’m fascinated by the topic of self-discipline (or self-control) right now. I’ll be writing more about it at some point, but right now I’m reading other articles about it. This has been the best so far:

Let us be clear, if there is no discipline, there is no discipleship. If we do not discipline ourselves, God Himself will discipline us (Heb. 12:5–11). One way or another, there will be discipline in our lives. Given our tendency toward sin, we must discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness, lest we be disciplined by God.

On digital fortresses and the need for face-to-face love

There are lots of articles on this topic out there. I know because it’s one of my favorite topics. But this one was better than most, and it has a biblical tie-in I’d never seen before (the “face-to-face” theme).

Majority of American Christians do not find Bible reading and church attendance essential

Aside from “believing in God” which is obviously unimportant among non-Christians, the values are nearly identical.

…Basically, the only real difference is that Christians value prayer and non-Christians value protecting the environment. Other than that one difference, Christians and non-Christians pretty much value the same things.

That’s a little concerning.

The most important values of American Christians are virtually no different from the most important values America’s non-Christian, but moral population.

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