Something happens when I listen to a Tim Keller sermon.

About two-thirds of the way through, my heart starts to swell, lightly at first, then faster. Like a hot air balloon, I gently lift off the ground before rising higher and higher.

Hot air balloons fly because the hot air applied inside the balloon makes it lighter than the cooler air around it, which causes it to float.

Just like a skilled hot air balloon pilot knows when how to make a balloon sink or float, Keller seems to know just when to trigger the gospel to heat my heart and send it soaring.

As writers, we can similarly warm our readers’ hearts with the gospel. And we do this by showing them Jesus.

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Published by Grayson Pope

Hey, there. My name is Grayson. I’m a husband and father of four. I serve as a writer and editor with Prison Fellowship and as the Managing Web Editor of Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

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