You Are Jesus’ Cup of Tea

Trust him. And when you have done that, you are living the life of grace. No matter what happens to you in the course of that trusting — no matter how many waverings you may have, no matter how many suspicions that you have bought a poke with no pig in it, no matter how much heaviness and sadness your lapses, vices, indispositions, and bratty whining may cause you — you believe simply that Somebody Else, by his death and resurrection, has made it all right, and you just say thank you and shut up. The whole slop-closet full of mildewed performances (which is all you have to offer) is simply your death; it is Jesus who is your life. If he refused to condemn you because your works were rotten, he certainly isn’t going to flunk you because your faith isn’t so hot. You can fail utterly, therefore, and still live the life of grace. You can fold up spiritually, morally, or intellectually and still be safe. Because at the very worst, all you can be is dead — and for him who is the Resurrection and the Life, that just makes you his cup of tea.

—Robert Farrar Capon, Between Noon and Three (H/T to Alan Jacobs for the quote)

A.W. Tozer on Reading and Writing

“Read some of the great Puritan authors and some of the mystics. Read and memorize good poetry. Observe how these writers express themselves. Become word conscious. Pay attention to words and the effect they have. Get a good dictionary and use it often. Whenever I come across a word I’m not familiar with, I look it up immediately and study it. With a large vocabulary, you are able to be precise in what you are saying. Nothing takes the place of using the right word. [Gustave] Flaubert (1821 – 1880) used to say there are no synonyms. Find the right word and use it.”

– A.W. Tozer, from “The Life of A.W. Tozer” chapter by James L. Snyder in The Pursuit of God