Daily Prayer: May 6, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 65-66; Psalm 121

Father, I lift my eyes up to you. My help come from you, the maker of heaven and earth. You are my keeper, protecting me from evil. You are always there, waiting to be sought after. You are ready to be found by those who seek you. Thank you, Lord, for letting me find you! Your wrath and judgment will not be held back from those who do not follow your ways. Oh, how grateful I am that you snatched me and my wife from the darkness! Please save my children as well. You are creating a new heavens and new earth where everything will be as it should. Our sins will be forgotten and cast out once for all. Until then, let me be glad and rejoice for the good things you have created. Lord, you are sovereign above all, and what you desire are people who are lowly in spirit and tremble at your word. Father, make me a man like this. Make me content not to make a name for myself, but for you. I must become less. For when the Day comes, I want to be found honoring you with everything I have, lest I be among your reaping. O Father, you are gathering your people to you and deploying them around the world to bring your glory to the nations. They will all sing your praises one day. Then the world will know that you alone are God.

Published by Grayson Pope

Hey, there. My name is Grayson. I’m a husband and father of four. I serve as a writer and editor with Prison Fellowship and as the Managing Web Editor of Gospel-Centered Discipleship.