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Reading: Jeremiah 18-22; Psalm 18

Father, you are my rock and my fortress and my deliverer. You rescued me from the grip of darkness because you delight in me. How merciful you are! Your way is perfect and your Word proves true over and over again. You equip me for your purposes that I may bring you glory. If I tell myself, “I will not speak anymore of your name, and I won’t tell anyone of your works,” it feels as if my bones were on fire and I become weary from holding it in. Lord, you make it clear that what you want are people who do justice and righteousness, deliver the oppressed, treat the refugee, orphan, and widow with care, and never shed innocent blood. May their cry become my own, that I may share your heart. 

Reading: Jeremiah 1-6; Psalm 14

Father, when you look down from heaven to find any who do good you find that there is none. Every person has sinned and fallen short of your glory. For generations your people looked to the horizon for salvation to come out of Zion. Oh, how glorious that I live in the days after that salvation came in Christ! You raised up one who would not fall into temptation or give into sin, then you handed him over to be crushed for all those who, like me, continually sin against you. O Lord, let us rejoice today in your grace! Let us stand by the roads and look for your ancient path where the good way is, and let us walk in it that we may find rest for our souls. Keep me from becoming apathetic about your love and your cause. Before I even existed you knew me and the good works you had set aside for me. Keep me on the good way that I might complete those works. 

Reading: Song of Songs 5-8; Psalm 12

Father, at times it seems like the faithful have vanished and there is not one godly person to be found. Everyone’s speech is made up of lies, and the poor are mistreated. But you will not stand idly by forever. When the poor are mistreated you will arise and come to their side. Your words are perfectly pure, like silver refined seven times over. I do not deserve the love you have for me, the way you have pursued me all my life. You were sick with love for me until I came to put my faith in your Son. Now I am yours. Your desire is for me, and mine is for you. Many waters cannot quench the love you have for your children, neither can floods destroy it. Your love cannot be bought, but must simply be accepted. For the price has already been paid. 

Reading: Song of Songs 1-4; Psalm 11

Father, in you I take refuge. Not in my savings, not in my strength, not in the security of my home. For you are in your holy temple. Your throne is in heaven. You are righteous, and you love those who are righteous through the blood of your Son. You pursued me over and over again, until finally you found me. Now you have set me at your banqueting table, and your banner over me is love. Each day I awake when the day breathes and the shadows flee to spend time in your embrace, enjoying the embrace of my Father. 

Reading: Ecclesiastes 9-12; Psalm 10

Father, why do you seem so far away in times of trouble? It seems like you turn a blind eye to those who mock you and scorn your name. They are the ones who prosper instead of those who fear you. But you do know the works of our hands, and nothing escapes your sight. You hear the cries of those who love you, and you will execute justice, whether in this life or the one to come. Instead of worrying about things which are too great, I should be enjoying the life you have given me. Thank you for your provision for my family. Thank you for my wife whom I love and also like. Thank you for my children who teach me so much about you and bring so much joy to my life. Thank you for the work you have given me to do. When all is said and done, all that matters is that I fear you and obey your commands. Thank you for Jesus, who allows me to do that. 

Reading: Ecclesiastes 5-8; Psalm 9

Father, I will remember all your wonderful blessings and how you’ve answered my prayers. You sit enthroned forever, executing justice with righteousness. You are a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know you put their trust in you, because you do not forsake those who search you out. There will come a day when there will be no more poor or needy because you will usher in justice once and for all. Money and riches will never satisfy. Let me rejoice in what you have given me, Lord, and let me learn to accept each day as a gift. That which you have set before me is better than that which I hope for. Though we mine your Word and the wisdom of this world, we can never understand why you do what you do. Your understanding is so far above ours that we cannot comprehend them. 

Reading: Ecclesiastes 1-4; Psalm 8

Father, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Your glorious throne is above the heavens, far above all rule and authority on earth. When I consider the vastness of space it is hard to believe how much you care for your people, let alone just me. But you do. You made me and every other person your crowning achievement, then set us above all creation to rule it and and care for it. What a great mystery. That mystery stretches into throughout life as we seek to grasp that which can’t be grasped. We seek glory and honor, fame and riches, but none of these will last. We put our hope and identity in things we cannot take with us. O Lord, let me see that there is nothing better than to be joyful and enjoy the good gifts you have given me. Everything else in life will fade away except that which you have established. You have implanted eternity in the hearts of man. Let me strive after that eternal calling in Christ Jesus, pressing on to win the prize which you have stored up for me in the heavenly realms.

Reading: Proverbs 28-31; Psalm 7

Father, make known to me those sins I overlook. Let my eyes be open to them that I may repent. Judge me according to my righteousness, according to my integrity. I do not turn away from hearing your law, so I know you hear my prayers. Awaken your people to know the rights of the poor, that they may stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves. Please give Maggie and I wisdom for disciplining our children, so that peace is instilled in our home. God, thank you for revealing yourself in Jesus, the one who came down from heaven and ascended again. The one who gathers the wind in his fists. The one who wraps up the waters in a garment. The one who established all the ends of the earth. Every word of yours proves true. Let me never distort that truth. Father, do not make me poor or rich, but give me enough for my family to have what it needs daily. O Lord, an excellent wife is hard to find, yet somehow you have blessed me with her. Thank you for Maggie, a blessing I truly don’t deserve. She deserves praise for many things, all of which you know. But I will praise for this above all else – that she fears and loves you, Lord. 

Reading: Proverbs 25-27; Psalm 6

Father, please do not discipline me in your anger, but show me mercy and be gracious to me. Send the thoughts that accuse and the attacks of the evil one far away, for you have power and dominion over all. O Lord, help me to love my enemies, for this has been your heart from the beginning. There is no reward for loving those who love me, but you reward those who love their enemies. Open my eyes to any way I seek my own glory that I may turn and seeks yours instead. Make me into a man of self-control, lest I be vulnerable to attack. Only you are wise, Father, and I am a fool for those times I think I am. I will not boast about tomorrow since I don’t know what it brings, but I will be glad and rejoice in this, the day that you have made. Let me not hide my love from those for whom I have it. Continue to use me as iron to sharpen other iron. Keep a close eye on my heart, God. Search it often, for it reflects who I truly am. 

Reading: Proverbs 22-24; Psalm 5

Father, in the morning you hear my voice. I call out to you and you turn your ear to me. Oh, how wonderful it is to know you listen! Keep me from evil and do not lead me into temptation, for evil cannot stand with you. It is only through your love that is fixed on me and through your mercy in Christ that I am able to come into your presence. My heart rejoices in you, my Refuge. The rich and the poor are all made in your image. May your church not be guilty of oppressing the poor or needlessly giving to the rich, for you are on the side of the poor. Keep me from making friends with those who are quick to anger, lest I become like them. Thank you for your grace in showing me how to live within my means and stay out of debt. May your grace continue. Father, soften my heart to be more generous and hospitable. Let me not keep tabs on what I give to others, but give freely instead. Protect my spirit from being enticed by alcohol. Let me approach it with wisdom so I do not become its slave. Lord, continue to give Maggie and I wisdom and understanding for establishing a loving and thriving home filled with beauty. Break my heart for those careening towards death in sin, knowing that you are aware of whether  or not I have reached out to then in love.