Daily Prayer: April 29, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 42-44; Psalm 119:1-32

Father, I have chosen the way of faithfulness. I set your rules before me. Help me to understand your Word and Laws so that I may follow them all they days of my life. Open my eyes to see your heart, and remake mine to be like it. I delight in your Word and praise you for revealing it to me. Oh, how lost I would be without it! Thank you Lord for sending your servant Jesus who came full of your blessing and Spirit. He came to fulfill your plan and bring you glory, and he has done it! You have redeemed me. You love me and I am precious in your eyes. How hard to comprehend! But Lord it is true, for your Word says it. Father, may I be a witness to you and for you to bring you glory. May my family be witnesses for you to bring you glory. May mu church be a witness for you to bring you glory. Forgive me for my sins of sloth, distrust in you, and being quick to anger. My sin wearied and burdened you, but you have blotted them out like a mist. You have redeemed me!

Daily Prayer: April 28, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 39-41; Psalm 118

Father, I give thanks to you because you are good and your love is forever! Help me to put my trust and hope in you alone, Lord. Though  I sin and you punish me, you will not give me over to destruction, for you have chosen and redeemed me. Father, I rejoice that this is the day you have made. My rejoicing is based on you, not my circumstances. Let me not be blinded by selfishness. Help me see that I am like grass and will wither away before I know it. But your Word will live on forever. O Lord, you long to lead me and your people with tenderness. Nothing is hidden from you, God, so let me confess my sin accordingly. You are eternal and the Creator of all. Your knowledge is infinitely greater than mine. You give me power when I am weak, and the strength to be vulnerable. I will hope in you and then my strength will be renewed. My confidence will come from knowing you fight my battles.

Daily Prayer: April 27, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 36-38; Psalm 117

Father, may all nations praise you one day! May they hear of and know your love towards them. Send out workers into the fields. Those who would keep your Word from spreading in this country and others mock your name and lift themselves up. They seek to silence the witness of your people through fear, intimidation, and exclusion. But they will not succeed. Like Hezekiah, we should seek your counsel early and often when we face a decision. And we should appeal to your glory and your name – not our own. It is you, O Lord, who fights your people’s battles. May we remember that. May I remember that. Everything is under your control. You moved the sun just to confirm a prophecy for Hezekiah. Help me live with certainty that you are omnipotent and that you hold the world in the palm of your hand. O Lord, you have delivered me from the destruction I deserve! You have cast my sins behind your back and you remember them no more. I have been shown lavish grace. Let me show lavish grace in return.

Daily Prayer: April 26, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 31-35; Psalm 116

Father, I love you because you have heard my prayers. You have not turned a deaf ear to my distress and anxiety. When I am brought low, then you save me. In return for your salvation there is nothing I can offer. So I will lift up your salvation and tell of it to everyone around me. I am your servant, and I will spend my days doing your work so that others might come to love you. Oh, help me not to put my hope and trust in man. It is tempting to trust what I can see over you, Lord, who I cannot see. But my trust is in you, and your Spirit gives me security in my eternal dwelling place with you. Help me fear your name that it might become my most treasured possession. Help me to speak the truth, despise oppression, not to offer bribes, and not to look in evil. Then one day I will see you in all your beauty! Father, you are my judge, lawgiver and King. You make known my sin, you hold me accountable for it. Thank you for Jesus, through whom I get to escape your judgment, for it is dreadful to behold. One day you will set everything right and total justice will reign. On that Day, the Way of Holiness will lead into the New Jerusalem, and only your redeemed and ransomed people will enter.

Daily Prayer: April 25, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 28-30; Psalm 115

Father, your wrath and judgement are intense. You will bring destruction down on those who disobey and reject you. But even though your judgment is strong, your mercy is swift. You are waiting on us to turn to you so you can show us mercy and grace. Help me turn towards you and obey obey your Word so that your commands bring me life. All wisdom and knowledge come from you, Lord. Remind me to seek you for counsel and not to make plans without consulting you. You are a God of justice, and all those who wait on you are blessed. Father, strengthen me to wait on you. I want to do all I can to bring glory to you, Father, because you are the only one who deserves it. Keep me from making an idol lest I become like it – blind, deaf, and unable to live. You remember me, God, and you will bless me as I learn to fear you.