Daily Prayer: May 4, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 58-60; Psalm 119:153-176

Father, the sum of your Word is truth. Your Word endures forever. Give me the peace that comes from knowing and doing your laws. Religious rituals without obedience do not satisfy you. Let me not mistake ritual for obedience, or talk of your Word with living it. You desire a contrite heart that trembles at your Word and takes action on behalf of the vulnerable. Let me not seek my own pleasure as I pursue you. Father, keep me from sin because it separates me from you, and nothing could be worse than that. Do not hide your face from me, but turn your face towards me and see that the righteousness of your Son covers me. Truth has stumbled in the world today, and it is not easy for it to enter. The one who lifts it up is made an enemy, but they also make themselves your friend. A friend of yours is an enemy to the world.

Daily Prayer: May 3, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 55-57; Psalm 119:129-152

Father, unfold your Word to me and impart your wisdom and understanding. Keep me on the right path and don’t let me fall into temptation. Anguish and trials won’t overtake me, Lord, because I delight in your law. You are near to me and your Word is true. Thank you for being a compassionate God who abundantly forgives. If not for your compassion, there is surely no way I would have been saved. It is good news that you and your thoughts are higher than mine. You forgive when I do not. You have understanding that I do not. Your Word does not return empty to you; it will accomplish your purposes. May I seek to always live in your blessing by keeping the Sabbath, doing justice, and remaining righteous. May I seek the riches of heaven and not of this world, Father, because you can give me what this world never will. I long for the days when your house is a house of prayer, full of people from every nation.

Daily Prayer: May 2, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 52-54; Psalm 119:97-128

Father, the eyes of your people from of old longed for your salvation and the fulfillment of your promise. Thanks be to you that I live in the day where your salvation is freely offered and your promises have come true in Christ! Help me to understand the implications of what Jesus has done. It is seemingly simple to understand, yet the more I study the gospel the wider its reach seems, and the deeper its depths. Thank you for the gift of your salvation. How beautiful were the feet of Jesus when he came publishing good news! His beauty was not in his appearance. He was despised by men and beaten beyond recognition. He was well-acquainted with grief and sorrow. He was killed on my behalf and on behalf of everyone who has lived before or since. The weight of all our sins was laid on him. He bore that weight without uttering a word. He did not try to get out of what was coming, and so he was killed. Brutally murdered by being nailed to a cross and hung to die. And all of this was your will, Lord. It was your will to crush him. But you knew that through his grief there would be much rejoicing when he came back to life and became the once-for-all sacrificial atonement your children needed. Through his righteousness now many are made righteous, including me.

Daily Prayer: May 1, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 49-51; Psalm 119:65-96

Father, give me the sound judgment which comes from believing your commands. Help me see that my affliction is meant to draw me closer to you and bless me. That my affliction is for my sanctification from a loving God. All the world’s treasures pale in comparison to the riches of your Word, Lord. Your hands made me, so help me learn and understand your commands. Your words keep me firm in times of trouble, and your law and promises get me through them. Thank you for sending your Son to be a light to the nations so that your salvation can reach the ends of the earth. I know you love me because you have engraved me on the palm of your hand, and Jesus’ nail-pierced hands testify as well. Jesus gave himself up to torment on my behalf, yet it was not to his shame but to your glory. In his death came the beginning of your salvation. In his death came life for the nations! Your salvation will never end. The earth and everything in it will one day fade away, but your salvation continues for all time.

Daily Prayer: April 30, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 45-48; Psalm 119:33-64

Father, you made the earth and stretched out the heavens. You command the oceans and fill them. Oh, the wonders of your strength! You speak the Truth and declare what is right. You deserve and desire the glory of all nations. To you every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. All of your grace and mercy, wrath and justice bring glory to your name. O Lord, give me understanding so that I can keep your laws. Keep me from wasting my time with things that keep me from following your ways. I want to delight in, love, and meditate on your Words. In them is life; without them is death. Thank you for your promises which bring hope in times of affliction. Thank you for blessing me through the years. Forgive me for the times I have not obeyed you. May this be true and me and my family: “I hasten and do not delay to keep your commandments” (Ps. 119:60). It is so easy for me to read your Word and just go about my day. Let it not be so! If my life does not change each day from reading your Word then I am wasting bout our time. Help me obey your Word quickly and joyfully. Let me not run from your commands, but to them. Any delay is to my shame, but my obedience is to your glory.