Daily Prayer: May 3, 2017

Reading: Isaiah 55-57; Psalm 119:129-152

Father, unfold your Word to me and impart your wisdom and understanding. Keep me on the right path and don’t let me fall into temptation. Anguish and trials won’t overtake me, Lord, because I delight in your law. You are near to me and your Word is true. Thank you for being a compassionate God who abundantly forgives. If not for your compassion, there is surely no way I would have been saved. It is good news that you and your thoughts are higher than mine. You forgive when I do not. You have understanding that I do not. Your Word does not return empty to you; it will accomplish your purposes. May I seek to always live in your blessing by keeping the Sabbath, doing justice, and remaining righteous. May I seek the riches of heaven and not of this world, Father, because you can give me what this world never will. I long for the days when your house is a house of prayer, full of people from every nation.

Published by Grayson Pope

Hey, there. My name is Grayson. I’m a husband and father of four. I serve as a writer and editor with Prison Fellowship and as the Managing Web Editor of Gospel-Centered Discipleship.