Daily Prayer: June 14, 2017

Reading: Ecclesiastes 9-12; Psalm 10

Father, why do you seem so far away in times of trouble? It seems like you turn a blind eye to those who mock you and scorn your name. They are the ones who prosper instead of those who fear you. But you do know the works of our hands, and nothing escapes your sight. You hear the cries of those who love you, and you will execute justice, whether in this life or the one to come. Instead of worrying about things which are too great, I should be enjoying the life you have given me. Thank you for your provision for my family. Thank you for my wife whom I love and also like. Thank you for my children who teach me so much about you and bring so much joy to my life. Thank you for the work you have given me to do. When all is said and done, all that matters is that I fear you and obey your commands. Thank you for Jesus, who allows me to do that. 

Published by Grayson Pope

Hey, there. My name is Grayson. I’m a husband and father of four. I serve as a writer and editor with Prison Fellowship and as the Managing Web Editor of Gospel-Centered Discipleship.