We’re more distracted than ever, constantly feeling overwhelmed by the torrent of information that floods our eyes and ears each day. Arcade Fire’s newest album, Everything Now, captures the spirit of our distracted age.

In a surging song that sounds like several playing at once, frontman Win Butler holds up a mirror to the modern world with these words:

“Infinite content
Infinite content
We’re infinitely content
All your money is already spent on it
All your money is already spent
Infinite content”

Butler is warring against the Instagram age, mocking our contentment with endless streaming, infinite music, and never-ending social media feeds.

One of Eugene Peterson’s books on following Jesus is titled A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. His message is that discipleship to Jesus takes discipline and attention, and he’s right.

But how do we get people’s attention long enough to disciple them?

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Published by Grayson Pope

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