I served as lead writer on this P2P, email-driven campaign that generated over $53,000 in donations.

Adventures in Odyssey Campaign for Prison Fellowship

I served as the lead writer for the campaign deliverables below:

Second Chance Month 2020 Campaign Messaging for Prison Fellowship





A-Restless-Age.jpgA Restless Age: How St. Augustine Helps You Make Sense of Your Twenties

I served as development editor for this project, including reviewing initial proposal and chapters, reviewing and editing the first manuscript, overseeing subsequent edits and proofreads.

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That Word Above All Earthly Powers: Reflections on the Authority of Scripture for All of Life

I contributed two chapters to this book.

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Relevant Magazine

Ekstasis Magazine


Note: I’m not listed as the author of these articles.

Bible Studies

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

International Mission Board (IMB)

Unlocking the Bible

Note: I’m not listed as the author of these articles. 

The Upstream Collective & Sojourn International