A curated collection of articles I’ve written around the web.


Relevant Magazine

What to Do When Work Becomes an Idol

What Shortening Attention Spans Mean for the Church: tl;dr culture and growing spirituality

Facebook Can’t Replace Church: Regardless of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for it

How ‘Simplifying Your Life’ Can be a Problem: The downside of downsizing

Prison Fellowship

A Life-Changing Experience: When the Hope of Easter Comes to Three California Prisons

Second Chances at Work: How One Company Built a Work Culture of Second Chances

Starting Over After Abuse: Through hard-fought second chances, Mia left violence and prison behind to begin a new life

Pastor, Church Planter, and Advocate: Former Prisoner Speaks Out for Justice That Restores

Inside Virginia’s First Prison Fellowship Academy Graduation

Eye on the Prize: How Dawn Found Strength and a New Identity in Jesus

From Manslaughter to Mentor: How Brandy Found Purpose After Prison

The Civil Rights Leader Who Sounded the Call for Prison Ministry

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Finding Hope When Life is Falling Apart

Adorn Yourself with the Peace that Passes Understanding

The Hazardous Work of Discipleship

Pastor, Here’s How to be Built to Last

A Recipe for Gospel-Centered Prayer

Say No to Yourself So You Can Say Yes to Jesus

A Long Obedience in an Instagram Age

Why You Don’t Read Your Bible (and How to Start)

International Mission Board (IMB)

Fighting the Fallen Leader Epidemic: A Better Way to Find Leaders

Unlocking the Bible

Don’t Look Now: Taking Control of Your Eyes


As part of my work with Prison Fellowship, I help write op-eds for news outlets around the country.

Why the number of young people in prison has dropped dramatically

Incarcerated Fathers: Out of Sight, Out of Mind—But Not Out of Hope

North Dakota should stay the course on prison reform

Minnesota’s legal system has a Catch-22: Probation that just won’t end

Out of prison, but still locked out. Texas needs second chances

Former GOP Speaker: Raise age for criminal prosecution

Local View: Prison reform bill needs passage

Oklahoma needs restorative system for women in prison

Let’s Unlock Second Chances in Alabama

How South Carolina can give convicts a second chance

Family Forum’s Gene Mills working for justice reform


Note: I’m not listed as the author of these articles. 

Despite the distance: Helping grandparents and grandchildren stay connected

Divorce proof: Helping young couples win at marriage

Inspiring and involving grandparents who lack purpose

How to help millennials choose a career


How Audio Scripture Speaks to the Heart

These People Just Received the Bible in Their Own Language: Help Others Experience the Same

The Gift of God’s Word Keeps on Giving

Stories of What You Make Possible

The Upstream Collective

Do You Take the Great Commission Personally? — The Upstream Collective Blog (this was re-run at Sojourn International.)