Daily Prayer: June 5, 2017

Reading: Proverbs 10-12; Psalm 1

Father, may my delight be in your Word. I meditate on it night and day, seeking understanding. Make me like the tree planted by streams of water. Then regardless of the season I will thrive, yielding fruit when it is time. I want to be firmly planted in your Word so that I will stand on the day of your judgment and be counted among the righteous. You know my ways, Lord. Test me and know that I long to do what is right. Help me to be a diligent worker, for sloth does not lead to prosperity. May I receive instructions thoughtfully instead of babbling on about knowing better. Let me see that the more I talk, the more I sin. Make my words few and life-giving. Let my mouth bring forth wisdom and draw out understanding. Keep me from pride, which comes before the fall. Give me humility instead, which comes from wisdom. Let me not forget that money and possessions do nothing for me the moment I die, but treasures stored up in heaven pay back eternally. Father, keep me silent about the shortcomings and missteps of others. Fools are always right in their own eyes, but the wise receive instruction and consider it. Let me not be counted among the foolish who are like gravel in the mouths of others. 

Daily Prayer: June 1, 2017

Reading: Psalm 1-2; 147

Father, you are worthy of every song of praise and every voice that lifts you up. You gather together the outcasts and you heal the broken-hearted. You are almighty and all-knowing. We cannot comprehend your power and understanding. All the earth’s activities are under your authority. Yet you do not take delight in animals or trees, but in those who fear you and put their hope in your love. You have revealed yourself and your gospel to me, but you haven’t done the same with so many others. I praise you for setting your sights on me. Thank you, Lord! I am lost and hopeless without you. I will delight in your law and I will meditate on it night and day. He who is firmly planted in your Word will yield fruit. His life will bare testimony that his hope and trust are in you. May it be so with me. Keep me from the sinful desire to make myself God and to determine right and wrong for myself. O Lord, you have given the nations to Jesus as his heritage. I long for the day when the ends of the earth hear of the splendor of your majesty and the depth of your love, and I mourn for those who ever hear of it or who reject it.